A Tale of Two Temples: Vittala and Virupaksha

Yali carvings at Vittala temple in Hampi
He might just eat you: yali carvings on pillars of Vittala temple

“So many temples, but no god to pray to!”

My dear mother is a traditional Hindu lady. Architectural splendor, sculptural marvel is all good and fine, but after half a day of admiring stone pillars and elephants and other carvings in the temples, her heart yearned for an idol to bow to, a god to fold her palms before. Unfortunately, that was in short supply in the temples of Hampi, all the gods having been carted off by invaders centuries ago. We had encountered a Shivalinga and a Narasimha (those would have been extremely difficult to cart off), but that was pretty much it.

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Glimpses: Morning Gold

Sunflower fields
Q: What kind of flowers grow in outer space? A: Sunflowers. P.S. I didn’t come up with this joke.

Sometimes, waking up early in the morning has its advantages. Glimpsed this on the train to Hampi, a little after Bellary- mile after mile of sunflower fields, glowing in the early morning sun. If ever there was a reason to ‘stop train, pull chain’, it would be this.