About Me: Hi. My name is Arundhati. By day, I’m one of the few million IT professionals who are the reason India’s GDP is as much as it is, but by night, I’m Batman. Ok fine, I’m not. But I do have a secret life, which consists, not of saving Gotham or swinging from rooftops but, of writing and traveling. I love reading, I love writing and I love traveling, and this blog is a place I can indulge in all three.

This blog is both a travelogue and a reference guide. Here you will find stories about my journeys, as well as travel tips and destination guides. Both seasoned travelers and newbies will find things to hold their interest. If you like what you read here, please tell me- I love being praised just as much as anyone else! If you don’t like something, do tell me where I went wrong.

About this blog: My favorite song is a wonderful, wonderful song sung by Kishore Kumar, pictured on Jeetendra on the back of a horse-driven cart. When I was wondering what to name my travel blog, this song popped into my head and the name just formed itself. I’m curious and restless and a little adventurous. I was born to be a musafir, a traveler.

Publication:  I’m a regular contributor to the Hindu (read a couple of my published articles here and here) and I have done some copywriting work as well. You may visit this page to find out more about collaborating with me.

If you would like to contact me for any more details or for a writing assignment, you could email me at ahazra.88@gmail.com or find me on twitter. You could also use the contact form below.


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