Glimpses: Phool Mahal at Mehrangarh Fort

Phool Mahal

How much gold leaf is too much gold leaf? However much you have is not enough, the Rajput kings would tell you. The Phool Mahal or the Palace of Flowers is a display in extravagance, with gilded columns and ceilings and enough gold to enable you to buy Lakshmi Mittal’s palatial Kensington Palace mansion. It is said that this was the pleasure room of the kings, where dancing girls danced and entertained the kings until they dropped down of exhaustion. I wish I could go back in time and give the kings two tight slaps for their excesses. That would be a fantastic scene, wouldn’t it? A mysterious girl appears out of nowhere, slaps the king and vanishes (of course I want to come back to my own timeline). Possible scene in Magadheera 2?

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