Hi 2014!

Chocolate caramel New Year Cake

First off, wishing you all a very happy New Year!

On this day last year, I registered the domain of this blog – musafiratheart.wordpress.com. I had always been in love with traveling, but it was only on New Year’s Eve last year that I thought of blogging about it. I didn’t publish anything for another seven months, but it was a start.

I have a post in the works on what made me want to blog, but long story short, I started this blog to make myself travel more so that I’d have stories to tell. Earlier, my travel was based on external triggers- frustration with work, others making plans- but this blog motivated me to travel more for myself. I had always had this dream of traveling at least once a month when I began working, but over the course of two years, I saw that the dream had faded away in the middle of deadlines, pressures and general laziness. This blog was a way for me to resurrect that dream- the thought was that whenever the posts on this blog dried up, I’d plan a new trip. Call me weird, but the plan worked. I went on 7 trips in 2013, 5 more than I had gone on in 2012.

This year, my goals are a bit more lofty. One trip a month is the plan, more if possible. Definitely another major trip within India, like the Rajasthan trip last year, and hopefully (fingers and toes and hands and legs all crossed) a trip to foreign shores. I’ve never been much of a trekker; the tendency to slip and twist my ankle even on plain surfaces has always acted as a deterrent, but this year, I’m going to try and go on a couple of treks.

I’m also going to get more serious about my freelance writing. Most of my writing last year has been in fits and starts, done when I was in the mood to write. This year, no mood-shood. I’m going to buckle down and write, get more articles published, go the extra distance to build my travel writing portfolio.

This blog was a bit neglected toward the end of last year, but that is not going to happen this year. If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed the change in the look of the blog, and I’ve got some interesting features lined up as well.

  • More photos– Hopefully better ones too. I know it’s the photographer who makes or breaks the click and not the camera, but I’m hoping my new DSLR helps 🙂
  • The finance of travel– A weekly series where I talk about the costs of travel, and give you some tips on budgeting, planning, actually traveling etc.
  • Contests– We all love to win, don’t we? I have some interesting contests and giveaways planned for 2014, so make sure you don’t miss a post!

I’m really excited about 2014, about the travel and opportunities that this year has in store for me. Do you have any goals related to travel? I’d love to hear about them.

4 thoughts on “Hi 2014!”

  1. Congratulations on your new DSLR 🙂 And here’s to all your goals and dreams in 2014! A very happy new year to you and your family, happy travels!

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