Time-traveling in Turkey


How do I give you just one reason
To visit Turkey, when there are millions?
Do I tell you of the colors in the bazaars,
Or make your mouth water with some pictures of kababs?

Do I tell you of the beaches of the Aegean,
Their shimmering blue waters a vision,
Is belly dancing, of Turkey, the star,
Or do I tempt you with a bit of baklava?

My prime reason to visit Turkey
Is not the food or the shopping or the deep blue sea,
It’s the country’s history and heritage
Where past lives on in present’s embrace.

Where else is a museum, once a mosque, before that a church?
The Hagia Sophia, with its pillars and arch,
The great dome will take your breath away,
The mosaics and paintings on you will hold sway.

Carved door

There is also the Topkapi Palace,
With its jewels and treasures and Muhammad’s relics,
Energy left? Then walk the Theodosian Walls,
Else lose yourself in the Grand Bazaar’s bookstalls.

Not just Istanbul, but in other places too,
Turkey’s history is preserved, as good as new,
Cappadocia is known for its underground towns,
And its fairy chimney rocks, looking like moons.

Catalhoyuk, Ephesus, the ruins of Troy,
For a history buff, a never-ending buffet, oh boy!
And if you are sated, a Bosphorus cruise
Will drive away some of the ‘Oh, the trip’s ending!’ blues.

Visiting Turkey is like traveling through time,
Which, to be honest, is a dream of mine,
Where old and new walk together, where past and present meet,
A dream destination for me is Turkey!

This post is an entry in the “Million Stories” Contest sponsored by the Turkish Embassy, India.

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