Glimpses: Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram

Shore temple at Mahabalipuram
Those crows at the bottom of the photo were having a whale of a time, getting drenched in the sprinklers used to water the lawns.

If you have seen the Glucon-D ad of the sun sucking out energy from people, you would know how it feels to be taking a trip around Tamil Nadu, in any season. By the time we were done seeing the Pancha Ratha and the Krishna Mantapa in Mahabalipuram, we were drained. The auto driver who was taking us around had left us at the gate near the Shore Temple, and the 200-metre trudge to the temple seemed like a 2km hike. Once we reached the temple, we found all the available shaded nooks occupied by foreigners recovering from sunburns. This temple is probably the only one still standing among a group that reportedly existed, but I must confess, in that blinding heat, history and mystery were furthest from our minds. Only now, as I look at my photos, I wonder if there really is a city under the sea, and if there is, why nobody has gone in search of it. Maybe if a sage dreamed there were gold in the city, someone would go digging.

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