5 Things to do in Mysore

Jagamohan Palace
A palace, Jagmohan Palace, to be precise. There are lots more

Considering you have two erstwhile capitals of Karnataka (Mysore and Srirangpatna) within 10km of each other, there is a lot to do and see in Mysore. But here are five things you absolutely should not miss.

1. Walk around the city centre. If you are an architecture enthusiast, you will have lots to take away from the royal and colonial buildings. If you are just a tourist, a short walk will take you to around the main palaces and the major shopping centres. If you are Bangalorean, marvel at the wide traffic-free roads and search for retirement properties to invest in.

2. Shop. Silk sarees, paintings, sandalwood carvings are Mysore’s specialties, and you should also not miss the perfumed agarbatti (incense sticks) or the famous Mysore sandal soap. KR Circle is the place where all the clothes and jewelry shops are, while the best place for other gift items is the palace’s souvenir shops.

Wall painting at Tipu's Summer Palace
Only Tipu Sultan had the budget for this painting, but you’ll find something cheaper. Way cheaper

3. Eat. Of course you shouldn’t miss the Mysore Pak (Guru Sweet Mart on Sayyaji Rao Road has the best ones), but there are other wonderful things as well- piping hot bisi bele bhaath, idli sambar, akki roti. And of course, filter coffee. Ask any Mysorean what they love about Mysore, and on top of the list, after the atmosphere and the people, will come filter coffee.

4. If you have some time left over after all the touristing, try visiting the Infosys campus. It is bloody awesome, and I’m sure that in a few years, it’ll end up in a guidebook or two, even if Infy tanks.

Hotel Royal Orchid
Not the Infy campus, but you get the point, that it’s awesome
Misty Mysore
View from the top of Chamundi Hills

5. Climb the Chamundi Hill. There are buses that go to the Chamundeshwari temple, but climbing all the way to the top is a fantastic experience. If you are feeling too lethargic, just remember that the locals, even the aged ones, usually do it once a month. So get off your lazy ass and climb!

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