Glimpses: Ekta Kapoor Serials and Chamundi Hills

Chamundeshwari temple
Chamundeshwari Temple

Raktabeej vadhe devi, chanda munda vinashini
Rupam dehi, jayam dehi, yasho dehi, dvisho jayi

Translation: O goddess, destroyer of Raktabeej and demons Chanda and Munda, Give us personality, power and glory to defeat evil.

I’d love to tell you that spirituality and devotion to God were the reasons this chant, eulogizing Chamunda Devi, was playing in my head as I climbed the steps of the Chamundi Hill, but that would be a lie. The truth is, my legs, unused to strenuous exercise, hurt midway through the climb, and I had to distract myself from thinking about the pain. I remembered the serial, Kahin Kissi Roz, where the above chant was like a theme song for the heroine Shaina as she fought against her evil mother-in-law Ramola Sikand (crap, I remember character names from a K-serial!) I made it my theme song as I climbed the hill and when I reached the top, I felt as joyful as Shaina did when she thought Ramola Sikand was gone (crap, I remember storylines from a K-serial!) That was until I saw the queues at the temple. But our driver (who had climbed with us) came to the rescue once more, and we had a quick VIP darshan. Yay for well-connected drivers!

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