Glimpses: Portland Steakhouse and Cafe

Silver Dollars Steak
Though I didn’t find any silver dollars before, after or while eating the steak, I loved it anyway.

What I know about Portland is not very encouraging: the TV show Grimm tells me that the city is filled with werewolves and ogres and murderous pigs and only one exceedingly handsome but currently zombiefied hero can save me from becoming the steak on some supernatural creature’s table. So it is with some relief I learned that at Portland Steakhouse and Cafe in Bangalore, I would be on the other side of the table, eating the steak. The silver dollars steak I had was absolutely yummy, the beef having soaked up the sauce quite well and not being tough and dry like in some places I’ve eaten at. If you don’t eat beef, there are chicken and vegetarian dishes as well. Though I’m still doubtful about the city, I love the eponymous restaurant.

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