Glimpses: Durga Puja in Bangalore


The story of Mahishasurmardini is a reminder to all that even the most ironclad of contracts have loopholes in them. The demon Mahishasura thought he was a master negotiator when he worded the boon he demanded- he could be killed neither by man or god, neither in the day or at night, neither when he was human nor when he was in animal form. With this boon of near invincibility, he went on a rampage and the gods fled before him. Then the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva created Durga, an embodiment of pure power or Shakti, to battle the demon. Mounted on a lion, she fought Mahishasura and killed him at dusk, when he was morphing from a bull to a man. Crowning moment of Awesome for girl power!


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