5 Reasons It’s Awesome to be a Mysorean

Mysore Palace
Amba Vilas Palace. Arre, Mysore Palace only ya.

To us city dwellers living in cramped 2-BHK homes, living in a palace is like the ultimate dream. If I lived in a palace, I could have have a room for my books instead of having them precariously stacked on a shelf above my head, and could finally use the line ‘Let’s retire to the library for some tea and cakes’. If I lived in a palace, I would no longer have to sleep in the hall to accommodate guests -‘Well, the Rose Room gives a beautiful view of the rose garden, but you can see a gorgeous sunset from the Golden Suite’. If I lived in a palace, I wouldn’t need to worry about when and where to exercise: walking from one end of the palace to another would fulfill my daily calorie-burning quota.

Before I go off on a complete tangent and reveal my secret dream of being in a Princess Diaries-like situation, where a grande olde lady tells me I’m heir to her billion-dollar fortune and her Scottish castle, let me get back to Mysore. Mysoreans go into raptures when they talk about Mysore, and I must admit, I’m jealous of them for getting to grow up in a city like that. Let me elaborate on the title of the post, and give you five reasons it is awesome to be a Mysorean.

1. It is everything Bangalore was 10-15 years ago- peaceful, green, spacious, uncrowded (except during Dasara). It’s got the second-most visited palace in the country, but it doesn’t feel overly touristy. Learn from it, Bangalore. Don’t clutter up your streets with branded shops only a handful of wannabes care about.

2. It has amazing filter coffee and delicious dosas and kesari bhath and mysore pak and a Chamundi hill to climb and burn off all the fat.

3. Cost of living is a third of that in a metropolitan city. I can get a spacious two or even three-bedroom place for the rent I pay now. A dinner with friends doesn’t cost as much as Rakhi Sawant’s new boob job (not that I keep track of Rakhi Sawant’s boob jobs).

4. Mysoreans are warm, friendly people. Your bai doesn’t try to rival Katrina Kaif in frostiness, autowallahs don’t rip you off, you are not hungry for days you don’t meet ‘a dude with attitude’.

5. Please see photos below.

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace, as the sun goes down
Mysore Palace, just as lights come up
And the lights come up
Mysore Palace
Looks fabulous, doesn’t it?

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