Glimpses: A Sundae for a Sunday

Carnival Tower at Swensens
A cold treat that warms your heart and soul: carnival tower sundae at Swensens

I remember watching a food show on TLC where they were showcasing the world’s most expensive food items. Among them was a thousand-dollar sundae sold at some NYC restaurant. As with anything exorbitantly priced, it contained gold, more specifically, edible gold leaf and gold candies, along with caviar and some other mindblowingly expensive items. They showed a lady ordering it as a special treat for her thirtieth birthday, and as she bit into it, I wondered if I would ever be rich enough to spend money on something like that, and even if I were, whether my middle-class genes would allow me to write that cheque. I don’t think so. I will always have a guilt trip if I splurge on a meal for myself, I will always think a hundred times before going on a luxury holiday, and I will always look for a cheaper alternative to that high fashion designer dress. I’m a normal middle-class Indian, and some things are hardwired in our DNA.

What are your thoughts?

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