Raja Rani Rocket Roarer

Jog Falls
Also known as Gerusoppa Falls. Let that be the new thing you learned today.

Raja Rani Rocket Roarer. Did you ever wonder how the four channels of the Jog Falls got these names? No, no, not the official spiel, that Raja is the most stately of the falls, Rani has the curves of a woman, Rocket is the one that comes down like a jet and Roarer is the one that makes the most noise. All that is well and good, but the names seem too spicy for such a sedate story. They seem more like the characters of a masala movie, where Raja and Rani are the protagonists who fall in love over a series of petty quarrels, Rocket is the lecherous villain who wants Rani to himself and Roarer the goon he employs to do his dirty work. Hmmm… maybe Rohit Shetty will be interested?

Speaking of movies, the guides you find at Jog Falls offer to show you certain shooting spots as part of the tour package they sell. Jog Falls is a popular shooting destination for Kannada movies, but I wonder why on earth they try to peddle this to non-Kannadigas. Saying Mungaru Male was shot there means nothing to me (though I’ve seen the movie); instead telling me that I will be able to get a wonderful view from the peak of the falls would be a better USP.

Jog Falls

I don’t know if any of you have ever felt this, but whenever I see a waterfall, I always have a niggling fear in my mind that it’s going to stop any instant, that the tap producing the rush of water is going to be turned off, and there will be nothing but a drip. I know, I’m strange. I guess it’s the product of living in rented houses for so long, being at the mercy of the fickle Bangalore water supply board. That said, I loved Jog. I’m not much of a mountain person, but the sight of the white water roaring down the steep cliff amidst the verdant hills was a welcome sight for my sore city eyes. Now that I’m back in my sooty stinky city, I miss the clear fresh air of the hills and the lush greenery and the general calmness of the surroundings.

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