Glimpses: Lalbagh Flower Show


Sometimes, I feel like I’m eighty years old, going by the way I talk. I’m always nostalgic for the past, fondly remembering how much better things were when I was young, so much so that one of my friends recently told me I was ‘such a grandma’. I can’t help it: things were so much better when I was young. Roads were lined with trees and not garbage, you could travel from Indiranagar to Koramangala by auto for 30 rupees, and the only reality shows on TV were Close-Up Antakshari and MTV Bakra.

Take the Lalbagh flower show, for example. In my memories, the floral arrangements were much more majestic, there were a larger variety of flowers and other plants on display and the centerpieces were not merely cardboard cutouts plastered with flowers. And the crowds were not so bloody much. This is a photo from last year’s Independence Day flower show. The flowers were so-so, the crowds were ‘oh, no!’

What are your thoughts?

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