Glimpses: La La Lasagna

Lamb Lasagna
Mama mia, here we go again. My my, how can I resist you?

When I was a kid (DON’T say it was such a long time ago), I looked forward to weekends when I would go grocery shopping with my mom and pester her to buy me a packet of Lays, usually the Magic Masala flavor. Inside each packet was a Tazo, which we collected like Narendra Modi collects controversies. I had a trade policy with my friends: a tazo for each homework I helped them with. When 3D tazos came out, the policy fell through- nobody wanted to give those up. I blame tazos for my struggle with my weight; after all, no-one can have just one.

Why am I talking about tazos? Because I remember them when I say Terrazzo (I can see your eyeroll). After the crazy lasagna dream, I hopped over to Terrazzo in Indiranagar for their lamb lasagna. Keema with cheese was awesome, but the pumpkin flavor in the sauce was like Tulsi Kumar singing Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai– it just didn’t go.

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