5 Markets to Shop in Mumbai

Taj Hotel
Wah Taj! The Mumbai landmark stands tall

What is life if full of care
No money to shop, only to stare.

Mumbai is the land of markets. If you are like me, forever looking for good stuff at a good bargain, Mumbai spells heaven for you. No matter what you are shopping for, be it clothes, accessories or souvenirs, there is a market for everything.

Linking Road: A popular hangout for fashionistas, Linking Road in Bandra is the place to hit if you want shoes, bags or casual wear. Roadside shops jostle with big brand name stores, and you can easily spend all day shopping, so come prepared, with your husband’s/daddy’s credit card.

Chor Bazaar: By far the most famous market in Mumbai, Chor Bazaar is where you go to get second-hand stuff and cheap (and most probably fake) electronics. It is also famous for its antique shops, and a little digging could lead you to uncover a treasure. And maybe some rats.

Crawford Market: Need some hazelnut paste? Gruyere cheese? One kilogram Mango Bite? Look no further than Crawford Market, the colonial era market near CST. It’s your one-stop-market for anything edible, as well as stationery and pets. Yes, pets; animals are also sold here.

Mangaldas Market: A stone’s throw from Crawford Market, this is your one-stop-market for fabrics. The largest textile market in Asia, Mangaldas has numerous shops selling fabrics for salwars, sarees, dresses, shirts, suits etc. Bargaining is encouraged, and checking what you buy is also recommended.

Zaveri Bazaar: Gold is an Indian woman’s best friend, and the best place in Mumbai to strengthen this friendship would be at Zaveri Bazaar. According to Wikipedia, 65% of all gold trading in India happens in the narrow lanes of this market, so if you have a wife at home, make sure you bring something back from here for her.

These are my picks, but what about yours? Any favorite I missed out?

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